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We love classroom and campus volunteers!

Teachers may have a variety of needs requiring volunteers.  ALL volunteers must be cleared by MDUSD prior to volunteering (see instructions below) and must sign in at the office upon arrival.  Volunteer days, times, and duties are at the discretion of the teacher and should be planned prior to a volunteer signing in. Once signed in to volunteer in a particular classroom, volunteer must remain with that classroom only and request from the teacher any changes to the previously made arrangement.

Please follow these instructions to become eligible to volunteer on campus and on field trips:

Contact your physician for a tuberculosis (TB) skin test.  If you do not have a physician, you can contact U.S. Health Works for a TB skin test. Please allow for the 48 hour reading requirement.  Proof of TB cannot be older than 60 days.  Bring your TB test result with you to your fingerprint appointment.  Please note, a clear TB test is required every four years.                                                                                                                 

Make your fingerprint appointment using our online fingerprint appointment system.  Previous fingerprint records from other agencies are not acceptable.  There is no cross-agency reciprocity when it comes to checking and monitoring fingerprinted individuals.  The District office is open during the summer months and welcomes appointments.  Waiting until the start of the school year can delay your clearance due to the overwhelming number of parents seeking fingerprinting appointments.  At times, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to be fingerprinted at our District office.  If you need to be fingerprinted sooner, you are welcome to visit an outside Livescan agency to have your fingerprints taken. 

If you decide to use an outside Livescan agency, you will need to bring the Request for Livescan Service Application with you to your appointment.  Once you’ve been fingerprinted by the outside Livescan agency, you will need to return the following to our District office in order to be cleared to volunteer:  the completed Request for Livescan Services Application, your TB clearance, and the completed Volunteer Request form.

Complete our Volunteer Request form and bring with you to your appointment. 

Please note:  You will not be added to our list of volunteers until all requested documents have been returned to our District office and your fingerprints have been cleared by the Department of Justice.

If you have any questions, please call (925) 682-8000 ext. 4153