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The District’s Testing program is designed to provide a continuous measure of achievement for each student as he/she progresses through their school years. Standardized testing also assists the school and the District in analyzing general aspects of the instructional programs. The District’s program also meets the state’s requirements as described in the State Education code and the State Administrative Code, Title V.


Tentative Test Calendar 2009-2010

7/1 – 10/31         CELDT grades K-12

9/6 – 10/8           RAP grades K-5 (Reading Assessment Program)

2/1 – 5/31           Physical Fitness grade 5

4/11- 5/16              CAPA

4/11- 5/16              STAR grades 2-11


The Student Success Team (S.S.T.) is a group made up of the principal, support staff (school psychologist, speech therapist), and special education and classroom teachers who meet with the parents of the student referred. The purpose of the S.S.T. is to provide students who have learning, behavior, and/or emotional needs the opportunity to have their case reviewed. The team makes recommendations for students whose needs are not being adequately met under existing circumstances. The S.S.T. process enables staff members and parents to add their knowledge and expertise in the planning for the students.


Criteria Considered in Making up Classes:


  1. total number of students divided equally in each class
  2. balance of boys and girls, including ethnic balance
  3. structure of class
  4. assessment of student’s needs
  5. parent information regarding student’s needs
  6. a reasonable range of ability of achievement in each class
  7. separation of some students
  8. academic balance; leadership balance
  9. last-minute class configuration changes due to over/under enrollment



May/JuneTentative class placement developed by staff

Parents may pick up a STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET in the office during a two-week period in May. This time period is announced in the principal’s newsletter. Through this process, parents are provided with the opportunity to give the school any additional information regarding special program needs for their child(ren).

Summer          Moving students transferred out; new students enrolled; class and grade level adjustment

Late August     Class assignments will be available at the Skyhawk Day (Information Day) before the beginning of the school year. 

Aug/Sept.         Form or dissolve combination classes where adjustment is needed to accommodate decline or increase in enrollment. If individual student placement problems persist after the first month of school, changes will be considered at that time. Changes caused by students’ leaving or entering at any given grade level during the summer can affect the number of classes at a grade level and whether or not combination classes are necessary.