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If you have taken or plan to take photographs at Silverwood events, field trips, classroom parties, etc., and would like them included in Silverwood's yearbook, please email them to Denise at


Parent Handbook

Volunteering Clearance

If you have been cleared by the school district to volunteer in classrooms and attend field trips, and are unsure of your TB expiration date, please call the Silverwood office.An expired TB test will prevent you from utilizing your volunteering and field trip clearance.


If it is raining, children need to go directly to the Multi-Use Room as they arrive and stay there until the bell rings.

There is no change in arrival or dismissal time during bad weather.  Provide your child with specific instruction BEFORE SCHOOL as to what procedure they should follow if it is raining at dismissal time.  Every phone call from a parent requesting that dismissal instructions be given to their child creates a classroom interruption.




State Law changed attendance procedures and the system of school funding in California. Districts no longer are able to count excused absences for funding purposes. Funding is now solely based on actual attendance by students. Children 6 years and older are required by law to be in school every day and on time.

Letters are computer generated after certain amount of absences – MAKE SURE TO CALL IN AN ABSENCE BY 8:30 A.M.


To have a student’s absence excused parents need to follow school procedures in contacting school staff within a 72 hour period following the student’s return to school. This may be done with a signed, written note from the parent or guardian, or a phone verification, for each student absence. If reporting by phone, please call 687-1150 or leave E-mail at lohsek@mdusd.orgAfter office hours leave a message (or E-Mail) with the following information:

Student’s Name and Teacher Name

Reason for absence

Date you expect your child to return.

Person reporting the absence


If your child is absent and you wish to pick up homework, please call the office by 10:00 a.m.


Please visit to find out how to make online payments for school lunches. 

Hot lunches and milk may be purchased in the cafeteria for $3.00 per meal.

If a student forgets lunch, he/she may “borrow” a maximum of 2 times. After that, students are entitled to a free milk and a fruit or vegetable. Please help your child develop responsibility by encouraging him/her to remember his/her lunch or lunch money. Children who buy lunch on a regular basis are urged to purchase a monthly credit in the school office. This will eliminate the possibility of lost/forgotten lunch money.

No student should ever go without lunch.  Please visit the district website food & nutrition department for information regarding lunch programs.