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School Meal Charges

School Meal Charges

Elementary Schools


Did you know Food & Nutrition Services is an enterprise fund that does not receive General Fund Support?  As a result, they must earn money through meal and snack sales in order to pay all operating expenses plus fees to the district just like any private business.

As a business, the school district has a charge system which has been adopted by all schools.  Unpaid charges reduce revenue that affects the ability to pay food bills, employee salaries, and many other expenses.  Unpaid charges and the costs associated in collecting these charges result in higher meal prices for all students.

District meal charge system goals are:

  • To treat all students with dignity and respect;

  • To maintain a positive experience for your child during meal service’

  • To establish practices that are age appropriate; and

  • To promote parents’ responsibility for meal payments and self-responsibility of the student.

Payment in advance for meals enables the district to achieve these goals.

Here are all the notification steps we take so you and your student know when money is needed:

  1. When two prepaid lunches remain on his/her account, the cashier will remind your child and offer a reminder note to bring home to you.The cashier will repeat this step when your child has just one prepaid lunch remaining.

  2. On the first and second days that your child arrives without money, the cashier will allow him/her to charge the regular meal to your account plus give them a reminder note.

  3. On the third and fourth and fifth days your child arrives without money, we will feed him/her a complimentary meal consisting of a fruit and a milk.The cashier will again give your child a note as a reminder to bring money.This meal can only be given three times, and you will not be charged for it.

  4. A letter will be generated once a week any time your child has charges of more than $6.00.Please avoid this by ensuring your account does not go negative.

For your convenience, you are welcome to call the school kitchen to check on your balance.  You may also designate that your child can NEVER charge and we will record that request in your student’s file.  Credit card payments can be made at

Remember that you may have applied for free or reduced price meals and have a pending application, but you must pay for all school meals until you receive an approval letter.  If you are approved for reduced price meals, each lunch costs 40 cents.

Please do not put anyone at the school in the position of having to deny your child a meal – NO ONE wants to do that!  If you make sure your child has adequate funds for purchasing school meals and you pay your charges promptly, this can be avoided.

Thank you!