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State Law provides Funding solely based on actual attendance by students. Children 6 years and older are required by law to be in school every day and on time.

Letters are computer generated after certain amount of absences or tardies– MAKE SURE TO CALL IN AN ABSENCE BY 8:30 A.M.

To have a student’s absence excused parents need to follow school procedures in contacting school staff within a 72 hour period following the student’s return to school. This may be done with a signed, written note from the parent or guardian, or a phone verification, for each student absence. If reporting by phone, please call 687-1150 or leave E-mail at  After office hours leave a message (or E-Mail) with the following information:

  1. Student’s Name and Teacher Name
  2. Reason for absence
  3. Date you expect your child to return.
  4. Person reporting the absence

If your child is absent and you wish to pick up homework, please call the office by 10:00 a.m.


Check in at the office when tardy to avoid being considered absent.

Children are encouraged to establish a habit of promptness. Youngsters are at a disadvantage when they enter late, as they frequently miss directions given by the teacher. In addition, tardy children cause a classroom disruption for the teacher and other students. If your child is tardy, please send a note explaining the reason and have child check in at the office


Children who must leave school during the school day should have a note from their parents giving the reason and the time the student should be excused. Parents are required to come to the office to sign the child out of school. The secretary will then call the classroom to ask that your child be sent to the office. For your child’s protection, it is our policy not to release your child to anyone other than the parent or guardian without your written permission.

Please note that early releases are now being documented in our computer system and are accounted the same way as a tardy, meaning there are excused reasons and unexcused reasons, and attendance will be affected accordingly.


If it becomes necessary to take your child out of school 5 days or more, you are urged to pick up an Independent Study Contract from the office a minimum of a week before the absence. The teacher will assign work to be completed, and the student, parent, and principal sign the contract. The student is then placed on the Independent Study program code and therefore considered “in attendance,” thus keeping up with classroom learning and guaranteeing state funds to the school district. Upon return from the trip, the student is to turn in all assigned work by the date on the contract. If the work is not completed as per the contract or turned in late, the contract is void and the student will be considered truant for the days not attended.